Bright Future of Web Content Writing

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Web content writing has emerged as the next generation of BPO services in India with exciting opportunities. With millions of English graduations from different streams looking for lucrative job offers particularly for those who want to become a freelancer, editor, translator or any other services that are related to this industry.

Web writing services deal with developing matter for a website, by enabling company specific research data on specific topic that clients provide. The material that is searched is then written into a particular format, which may include a blog, article, and news release. The skills required for web writer include creativity, excellent grammar, syntax, and the ability to research material in a systematic manner.

India as an emerging market

Outsource article writing work has brightened the prospect of this industry as many companies mainly from the US and the UK are looking to reduce their cost by nearly a half as operational costs in their countries are much higher. By outsourcing writing services to India, employment opportunities in this BPO sector has doubled. India has a proficient English speaking population and because of this reason foreign investors seek to exploit this rich human resource. Statistical analysis shows that India is the top destination for providing web content writing services in comparison to China, Brazil, South Africa and Russia, due to the following reasons:

– Nearly 60% of India's population is literate in English.
– India's IT infrastructure fosters to the development of other key BPO services such as web content writing.
– With an economic growth rate of 8% a year outsourcing of services such as web content writing enable investors to get feasible returns.
– Market access in India is much more efficient as it enables businesses to be setup in less span of time.

Growth consulting has found many trends in the market, as web writing is just one of those services that may replace the ITES services such as tele-calling and other customer support services. This is primarily due to the growth rate in web content services which existing companies are incorporating in their offices.

With blogging becomes a main source of income, market analysis prerequisites that companies would be investing more in the blogging profession so as to individual to work in the office environment rather then post their blogs from the internet. This is primarily due to the accessibility of the blogs to the Internet, which provides sufficient resource material for research. However, in offshore writing service, the pay scale has set the trends in this industry starting as many companies are offering lucrative pay standards that meet the current BPO industry standard.

India figures as the prominent area of ​​web writing as it enables companies to provide specific information on IT related topics. This enables existing employees in the field of IT itself to shift their career interests to technical writing. Thus, online texting is very dynamic field where industry analysis has shown this field to have an increased growth rate.


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