Constant Shallowness TRIGGERS Bad is a Disc by Coil, released the same time as Queens of the Circulating Collection. Like Queens, this recording comes packed in a red c-shell case.
Based on the credits, “Coil were Thighpaulsandra, John Balance, & Peter Christopherson. Because of Simon Norris.”
The track labels provided are “Higher Beings Command”, “I Am the Green Child”, “Beige”, “Lowest Common Abominator”, “Free Foundation Chakra”, and “Tunnel of Goats”. The monitor listing is quite strange as it only lists six songs while 23 monitors are in reality pressed on the Disc. The mostly given reason (including that of the state archive) is the fact that the final songs name, “Tunnel of Goats”, is that of an 18-record collection which is, combined with the trio of songs before it, the key musical basis of the live opus “Constant Shallowness Contributes to Evil”.
The release is exclusive in Coil’s catalog for many things not abnormal to the music group separately: It’s very noisy and practically devoid of normal musical instruments and vocals. John Balance’s performing shows up only on “I Am the Green Child” and minimally on “Tunnel of Goats”, while Tom Edwards performs marimba on the ex -. However, their live action prominently presented Edwards’s playing and, unlike the initial, the live version of “Higher Beings Order” does indeed include vocals.
The following caution appears following the track list: “COULD CAUSE Drowsiness – USUALLY DO NOT Play While Driving a car Or Working Machinery”.
The catalogue quantity is ESKATON 24. Coil Presents Time Machines gets the similar catalog quantity of ESKATON CD24.

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