Journalist leads are an starting business lead convention in the overall game of agreement bridge. The technique was created to solve some issues with traditional contracts regarding starting leads. It bears some resemblance to Rusinow leads but dissimilarities are present. Journalist leads were advocated and publicized in 1964-65 from the Bridge Journal and were written under the name Journalist, which recommended that these were a compilation of the ideas of the complete editorial personnel of the mag. (The Bridge Journal ceased publication in 1968 when its editor, Jeff Rubens, joined up with the editorial personnel in the Bridge World.)
Not merely do Journalist leads try to show the particular opening innovator has, but could also request the spouse of opening innovator to use specific activities, such as unblocking.
There are totally different leads against notrump and suit deals.
Against notrump deals:
A = calls for unblock or count
K = normal from AK or KQ
Q = from QJ, KQ10, AQ10, or AQJ; needs J
J = from J10; denies higher honor
10 = from Q109, K109, A109, KJ10 or AJ10
9 = from 109; denies higher honor
relatively high area = discourages continuation of suit
relatively low place = induces continuation of suit
The proposed good thing about Journalist leads is shown in this offer:
When Western leads the Jack port his spouse may get the Ace and transition to some other suit. If the 10 is led East will know to come back the suit.
Rusinow leads from honor sequences are being used against suit agreements. If leading an area card and attempting to give count, the cheapest cards was led from an peculiar number of credit cards and the 3rd best was led from a straight number of credit cards; if leading from a worthless keeping and not attempting to give count, the best card you can manage was led.

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